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  • Why Lack of Contentment Destroys Us
  • Don’t Fix What’s Not Broken (The Cadbury Egg)
  • CFP National Championship Reminds Me Life Just Isn’t Fair…And That’s a Good Thing

Loving God

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How Can We Experience God?

How can we experience God? Well, have you ever wondered why God allows Christians to be placed in “impossible situations?” It seems to be the the norm for believers in the New Testament to again and … [Read More...]

Loving Your Spouse

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Protect Your Marriage!

How many of you are doing everything you can to protect your marriage?  Unfortunately in our culture the institution of marriage is itself often attacked - especially the idea of marriage as Christians define it. Marriage has lost much of the sacred and holy … [Read More...]

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While You’re Waiting…

Today is our 5th anniversary!!   Sometimes I am still amazed at all God has done in my life the past five years!  It actually seems like I’m living a totally different life and I’m even a different person because so much has changed.  I went from being a … [Read More...]

Loving Your Kids