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  • This Week’s Love Message to Wife: Acts of Service
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Loving God

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Welcome to Simple Christian Living

Thank you for dropping by to see us! I started in order to help people succeed in what most Christians consider to be the most important areas of life: God, spouse and kids, … [Read More...]

Loving Your Spouse


This Week’s Love Message to Wife: Acts of Service

In this week's "Love Message to Wife" segment, we focus on another one of the "Love Languages" Gary Chapman covers in his book "The Five Love Languages." Today, we look at how husbands might love their wives through "Acts of Service." I have found this to be … [Read More...]


Love Messages For Husband

Ok ladies this week it is your turn to speak the love language called, "words of affirmation." You may think all men speak only one love language, that being "physical touch," but the truth is most men have multiple "love languages." Speaking this particular … [Read More...]


How to Leave Love Messages For Your Wife

“Love messages for wife!” That is what this week's "Simply Love Your Spouse" section is all about. So, all of you wives out there email this link to your husbands and all of you husbands save this page in your bookmarks! All of us could use a few pointers on … [Read More...]

Loving Your Kids