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Loving God

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Welcome to Simple Christian Living

Thank you for dropping by to see us! I started in order to help people succeed in what most Christians consider to be the most important areas of life: God, spouse and kids, … [Read More...]

Loving Your Spouse

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What Constitutes Marriage

The Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage is a constitutionally protected right. While those on the side of gay marriage believe such a ruling protects one of their most basic human rights, the "traditional marriage crowd" believes the ruling nothing short … [Read More...]

why he thinks you're beautiful

Why He Thinks You’re Beautiful

Sometime after our wedding day my wife and I found ourselves in a discussion over issues of weight and body image. We discussed the usual stereotypes and unrelenting pressure so many of us feel to look a "certain" way. Somewhere in the middle of our … [Read More...]

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Protect Your Marriage!

How many of you are doing everything you can to protect your marriage?  Unfortunately in our culture the institution of marriage is itself often attacked - especially the idea of marriage as Christians define it. Marriage has lost much of the sacred and holy … [Read More...]

Loving Your Kids